Product Review of Subscription-Based Dog Foods

Product Review of Subscription-Based Dog Foods

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I normally write about coding and servers, but today I'd like to write about something else so, over the last few months, I've ordered 3 different dog food's from popular subscription-based companies promising human-grade food that is good for the dog. I love my dog and don't mind spending $100 bucks a month to supplement the food I make for her already.

So, the 3 companies I've ordered from our MyOllie, The Farmers Dog and finally Nom Nom Now.

Each of these products is subscription-based and cost between 70-150 a month, and I'm going to review them in the order of what I consider the best to the worst.


I ordered MyOllie's and was impressed with the packing material, and the shipping speed but more than anything I was impressed mostly with the difference it made in my dog's Fur and Energy Level. The only downside I have to MyOllie's is they only allow ordering 2 months at a time, and with just 25% of your dog's daily calories, it costs $150 for 2 months of food. I kept MyOllie's subscription for about 4 months because in the first week I noticed a spot of fur that she chewed out 3yrs ago had grown back in and her energy level had spiked to puppy-like levels. I hated that due to the money situation I had to cancel my subscription and plan to resubscribe as soon as possible. Also, MyOllie's sent their food in easy to open and easy to serve packages and even provided a very nice container to store your open packages and a serving spoon to correctly portion your servings with the first order. Definitely a plus, I still use both the container and the spoon daily.

Nom Nom Now

Nom Nom Now's dog food also was packed fairly well, almost as good as MyOllie's and the shipping speed wasn't too bad, but it looked like they had just dumped a bunch of canned vegetables and meats into the packages, Nom Nom Now's packaging was almost as good as MyOllie's where you can open 1 package and easily portion out the food without making a giant mess. But the price was more than MyOllie's and my dog didn't like the food as well, I also really haven't noticed the energy boost or the fur quality that I did with MyOllie's

The Farmers Dog

The Farmer's Dog shipping was ridiculously slow, they said it would arrive 7 days before it was even shipped, they included a cardboard takeout box to put your open packages in which I broke the first time I tried using it. Also instead of providing single packages that you could easily open and portion out, they put an entire week's worth of food in 1 package that I had to cut open with scissors just to portion out. My dog did not like it at all and I still have most of the packages in my freezer.

My thoughts on the matter

  1. MyOllie's is my favorite but you have to purchase 2 months worth at a time, if you have the freezer space for all that great, it fills ours big time, but I like it the best for my dog, her coat is fuller, she sheds less, and honestly she has grown hair where she has never had hair before or it grew back where she had chewed out a piece of fur on her tail before I got her over 5yrs ago, in less then a month that small patch had grown back!

  2. My second choice is NomNomNom their food was easier to work with on the subscription, and you could tell what each piece of food was as it was chopped but not pureed together.

  3. Don't bother with farmers dog your getting ripped off.


Hopefully, this will help someone else who loves their dog and finds the idea of feeding them kibble disgusting. With all the dogs being poisoned by dog food makers lately I find it sickening to even think of feeding food that is not human quality to my dog.

I personally make a base food which is basically cooked chicken/pork or deer meat in rice. I make a week's worth at a time which takes very little effort with an air fryer and a rice cooker. If anybody is interested in the recipe I am using for my base food just comment below and I will make a post about it.

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