Adding the Yahoo YUI! Treemenu Module to ModX CMS System

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A long time ago, I wrote a method of having a Java-script Tree menu in ModX CMS using a script from Dynamic Drive. This modification involved modifying core ModX CMS PHP files and It just wasn't a great method of going about this. Now I have found a much better method of doing this using the excellent Yahoo YUI! Library. This Library is very small in size and is one of the best Java-Script Libraries released at this time. Its modular nature is the best thing going for it honestly. Well since I wrote a Plugin for vBulletin a few weeks ago to use this System, I decided to go ahead and port the modification over to ModX as it is my favorite framework for a CMS. So Let's Get Started on how to Do It! At the end of this post, you will find a Download Link to the Files needed to Install this modification in your System.

The Basics

Ok, this module will basically, offer visitors with javascript a excellent Opening and Closing Tree menu to Navigate your Site very Rapidly. Visitors without Java-script will not get to see the module, but I have made it so that Search Engine Spiders will still get an excellent Un-Ordered List of your Pages, so for SEO this is a Good Modification allowing Spiders to have 1 Click access to any page from any page!

Let's Get Started!

Ok, Go Ahead and Download the Modification Package At the bottom of this post and Unzip it into a directory you can find. Also, Open up an SFTP Program and Navigate to your site's ModX Root Folder ( the one that has the Assets, Manager, Index files/folders in it ). Go ahead and Upload the UPLOAD directory to this location and click overwrite all if it asks you for that.

Ok So Now All the Java-Script, CSS, and Image Files are Uploaded on your Server in the Assets Directory

Editing Your Head Section of the Template

Ok in the Header Section of your Page Templates you want to View this Modification on Add the Following Lines inside of your )

NOTE: One Tip I Noticed, I Find it wise to include your Sites URL in the links such as this, It will help solve any errors later on the installation

<link media="screen" href="" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"></link>

Above was just an example of what you should change, Below you need to copy/paste into your Template Above the Statement, We need to add our Javascript Function to make the Magic Happen It Looks like This What this does, is Take your existing UnOrder List and turn it into a JavaScript Tree. It also Hides the Container Div until After the Tree has been rendered so that it looks better.

var ultree;
(function() {

    function treeInit() {
        ultree = new YAHOO.widget.TreeView("treeDiv2");


       ultree.subscribe("expand", function(node) {

       ultree.subscribe("collapse", function(node) {

       ultree.subscribe("labelClick", function(node) {

        YAHOO.util.Dom.get("NavDiv").style.visibility = 'visible';

    YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, "load", treeInit);



Well I hope this makes sense to some people on the usage of the Yahoo YUI! Treeview module. If you have any problems using this code please comment on my blog and you will receive support much faster than anywhere else as I check it once a day whereas I check other forums on a maybe once a week basis.

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